Let’s get something out of the way: I am in love, bordering on obsessed with, all things peppermint. This love knows no season, but at this time of year peppermint is in its prime. When I saw this festive sweater on Frock Stock, I wanted to add it to my closet. When I saw it was called the “Peppermint Stick Sweater,” the deal was sealed.
sweater: Frock Stock (buy here!) / skirt: necessary objects via 344 / tights: Target / boots: Target

I thought I would wear the sweater open like it was shown here on Frock Stock, but it was so ridiculously windy today that I couldn’t help but wrap it as tight as possible. I kind of like the asymmetry the wrapping created, though! Check out the adorable detail:
Watch out, lattes and ice cream—peppermint’s not just for edibles anymore.

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