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You know those pieces that you get as gifts but would never pick out yourself, put in your closet, and never wear? I’m wearing not one, but two of those today.

My nana bought me this sweater last year (or the year before? The years go by too fast!) for Christmas and this is the first time I’m actually wearing it. And you know what? I LOVE it. I can’t believe I waited so long. It’s so comfortable and a great color. Sorry, Nana…you were right.sweater: gift, Macy’s (?) / skirt: gift, Gap / tights: Gap / boots: gift, Blowfish

I’m realizing now that this outfit is made up almost entirely of Christmas gifts. My friend Ross gave me this skirt from Gap two years ago. I was in love with the green/navy version and didn’t look twice at this version myself, but he definitely made the right choice. So thanks, Ross! And well, these Blowfish boots I did fall in love with from the start. I have a very observant boyfriend.

The moral of this story? This holiday season, don’t knock your gifts until you try ‘em. And maybe adjust that stray section of hair before taking photos. The end.

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