Deep Breaths

It’s been so long since I’ve posted! I wish I didn’t have to say that, but sometimes life becomes too busy (or too cold for outfit posts). We have some really amazing things going on at work right now as we prepare for our next concert in March. I’m also currently right in the middle of dance costume madness, which is super fun, but can get a bit stressful. I’m not thrilled with these photos (holy bright) but wanted to get a post in before January was over, ha!
blouse: Francesca’s Collection / cameo necklace: Forever 21 / skirt: Forever 21 / shoes: Qupid via Modcloth

Happy Monday, friends!

Merry Merry!

We had our faculty holiday party last night. It was SO much fun; great food, great people, and so many laughs that my face hurt! I’m so thankful for a job I love and for the amazing people I work with. Here are a few shots:

Merry Christmas!

Peppermint Stick

Let’s get something out of the way: I am in love, bordering on obsessed with, all things peppermint. This love knows no season, but at this time of year peppermint is in its prime. When I saw this festive sweater on Frock Stock, I wanted to add it to my closet. When I saw it was called the “Peppermint Stick Sweater,” the deal was sealed.
sweater: Frock Stock (buy here!) / skirt: necessary objects via 344 / tights: Target / boots: Target

I thought I would wear the sweater open like it was shown here on Frock Stock, but it was so ridiculously windy today that I couldn’t help but wrap it as tight as possible. I kind of like the asymmetry the wrapping created, though! Check out the adorable detail:
Watch out, lattes and ice cream—peppermint’s not just for edibles anymore.

Unexpected Gifts


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You know those pieces that you get as gifts but would never pick out yourself, put in your closet, and never wear? I’m wearing not one, but two of those today.

My nana bought me this sweater last year (or the year before? The years go by too fast!) for Christmas and this is the first time I’m actually wearing it. And you know what? I LOVE it. I can’t believe I waited so long. It’s so comfortable and a great color. Sorry, Nana…you were right.sweater: gift, Macy’s (?) / skirt: gift, Gap / tights: Gap / boots: gift, Blowfish

I’m realizing now that this outfit is made up almost entirely of Christmas gifts. My friend Ross gave me this skirt from Gap two years ago. I was in love with the green/navy version and didn’t look twice at this version myself, but he definitely made the right choice. So thanks, Ross! And well, these Blowfish boots I did fall in love with from the start. I have a very observant boyfriend.

The moral of this story? This holiday season, don’t knock your gifts until you try ‘em. And maybe adjust that stray section of hair before taking photos. The end.



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Happy Monday! Mondays are by far my craziest day of the week and I have tons to do over the next few days, but I am finding myself surprisingly calm. I just love this season!Can I talk about this blazer for a minute? I’m no thrifting expert and I am kind of a newbie, but I am so proud of this 100% cashmere J. Crew blazer I scored on a spontaneous thrift run last spring. I spotted it from down the rack and I couldn’t believe it was my size when I picked it up. It’s SO cozy.This Tucker for Target dress might just be the most-worn item in my closet. Not only do I love the pattern, but I find it so versatile.blazer: J. Crew, thrifted / earrings: Beaded Iris / dress: Tucker for Target / scarf: unknown, gift / tights: Merona (?) Target / socks: Target / boots: Target

Here’s to a great week ahead!



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Aaaand winter has arrived. I’ve seen several bloggers talking about the cold today, so it looks like it must have dropped in everywhere today. Gloves would have been the smartest choice, but sleeves stretched over hands works in a pinch. hat: Forever 21 / glasses: Warby Parker / poncho: Kohl’s / shirt: aerie / jeans: Forever 21 / boots: Target

My Warby Parker try-on kit came yesterday and I am in love. This is my favorite pair, I think (I’ve got it narrowed down to two pairs for sure). This marks the start of my 1.5 day weekend…hope you all have a lovely Friday!

xo Kellie

Spring in December

Hi there! Same bare legs here, but now it’s December. In New England. Clearly the tree is up, and I’m so into the holiday season, despite the fact that I’ve been going out coatless and drinking iced coffee. This shirt is also something I usually consider spring/summer wear, but for some reason didn’t pack away with the rest of my summer clothes.

Blouse: Old Navy / Cardigan: Target / Skirt: J. Crew / Necklace: American Eagle / Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Wordy Gifts!

I love giving and receiving books at the holidays. Something about the gift of a book seems more personal and thoughtful, at least to me, than most gifts. You really have to think carefully about that person’s personality and interests when choosing a book for them. As the holidays approach, I’ll show you a few of the books I’ll be gifting this Christmas (and hope no one is peeking!)

First up, Eddie…

For my boyfriend: Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

Though Eddie loves to read, he’s so busy working several jobs that he needs a super intriguing book to call his name when he can find the time. When I read the description of Robopocalypse, I immediately thought of him. Wilson’s action-packed thriller is built on the idea that our technology could someday turn against us in the form of a robot revolt. I can just see my handsome horror-movie-loving, slight sci-fi nerd of a boyfriend staying up all night reading this one.

Are you giving any books this holiday season?

Happy Tuesday!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! I’m back at work but still in the holiday mindset…A Very She & Him Christmas is helping with that :)

Every Thanksgiving weekend, three of my oldest best friends and I get together…something we don’t get to do very often since we are split between two states. Our reunion is one of my favorite holidays of the year :)


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